LG Electronics is ready to start of sales of the world first 4K OLED-TV devices. LG is ready to introduce a 77 and a 65 inch device (models 77EG9700 and 65EC9700). 4K OLED TV features the best curved display technology with 3840×2160 Pixel. LG describe this with the superiority of OLED over conventional display technology, providing a viewing experience that is nothing short of amazing. Simply put, it is the future of television. LG is ready to ship the first devices in October 2014 with for about 19.999.- Euro 77 inch and 65 inch 5.999.- Euro. LG are using not the same technology like Samsung for their panels. LG are using four color Pixel WRGB technology. Red, Gree, Blue and a White 33 sub-Pixels are working to produce the most lifelike colors and infinite contrast and response time.

World first 4K OLED TV 65 and 77 inch available October 2014 – LG introduce world first 4K OLED-Tv 77EG9700 and 65EC9700