Winstar Display Co. is a company from Taiwan, established in 1998 and has the focus to manufacturing and development of hiqh quality PM-OLED industrial displays products. Winstar is one of the leading company which delivers PMOLED for the industry. The company operate worldwide and not only OLEDs also TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCD, FSC-LCD etc. The goal is also to resear & develop LCD and OLED Displays. Back in June 2014 Winstar the company hosted a seminar. There are two videos with the headlines “Winstar OLED Trend New Production Introduction” and “Winstar OLED Trend New Production Introduction”. Please check out the videos here are some important facts. Winstar plans also to develop flexible PMOLED DIsplays, at the moment the company use glass based PM-OLEDs.

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Winstar flexible OLEDs and lighting developments – PMOLED Industry leader seminar Videos