An OLED-Info reader recently raised the question – where are the OLED laptops and OLED monitors? This is an interesting question. Samsung currently produces AMOLEDs ranging in size from 1.63″ for wearables to 10.5″ tablet displays and LG Display is mass producing 55″, 65″ and even 77″ OLED TVs . Samsung 12.1 inch laptop prototype, 2009 It seems that technically there shouldn’t be a problem producing 13-15 inch OLED panels for laptops or even 20-25 inch panels for monitors. In terms of pixel density, these panels will be simpler to make compared to Samsung’s mobile phone panels. Even a 13″ 4K laptop panel will require only 339 PPI – much lower than SDC’s latest 5.1″ QHD panels (577 PPI). And of course SDC can start with a 15″ FHD panel (146 PPI) which is easier to produce. Read more about Where are the OLED monitors and OLED laptops?

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Where are the OLED monitors and OLED laptops?