Ason Technology was established in 2006 in Japan to develop OLED lighting technologies. In November 2013 Ason unveiled their first OLED lighting panel , and today we’re bringing new details on the company’s technology and business. Ason spent almost eight years to develop a new multi-stack structure. Compared to the multi-photo-emission ( MPE ) structure developed by IMES, Ason’s stack enables many layers (MPE allows up to 2 or 3 max). Stacking several layers allows the OLED panels to feature a high brightness without compromising the lifetime. In addition to the so-called Ason-Stack, the company also uses a unique diffuse reflector. Ason says that their technology will allow them to produce relatively affordable and efficient high-brightness OLEDs, which will also feature a longer lifetime and larger size compared to traditional OLED as well as no-angle dependency. Read more about Updates on Ason's OLED lighting project

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Updates on Ason’s OLED lighting project