TCL Group announced that it is going to raise 5.7 billion RMB ($926 million) in a private placement (there will be 10 different investors) to build CSOT ‘s T2 8.5-Gen fab. This fab will use Oxide-TFT substrates and will produce both LCDs and AMOLEDs. The company filed information which specifically mentioned that this fab is important due for the future OLED technology. CSOT’s 8.5-Gen Oxide-TFT fab was discussed back in July 2013 , but we do not have any information regarding its capacity and how CSOT plans to split it between LCD and AMOLED production. A $926 million investment is not very large for such a fab, so this is probably just the first production line. Earlier estimates for the cost of this fab were 24.4 billion RMB (just over $4 billion) . Read more about TCL to raise $926 million towards CSOT's 8.5-Gen LCD/OLED T2 fab

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TCL to raise $926 million towards CSOT’s 8.5-Gen LCD/OLED T2 fab