Sony declined the rumors that the japanese company plans to use OLED-Television panels from LG-Display to introduce OLED-Tv under their own brand. Imamura from Sony says:The copmany has no plans to invest in any OLED or LCD factory and we would not use LG-Display OLED-Tv technology. Source: reuters LG-Display plans to invest massiv in that technology. Check out this article: What’s so Difficult about Making an OLED TV? Back in May 2014 Sony halts OLED TV development : Sony plans to set their focus and development on 4K Ultra HD LCD-Television devices. Sony introduced world first XEL-1 11 inch OLED-monitor in 2007. In June 2012 Panasonic and Sony founded a partnership to develop a inkjet print mass production technology for OLED. End 2013 Sony and Panasonic stoped their OLED-TV partnership. Sony did not stop the development until now! Sony will reassign the people now working to develop OLED TVs at the Atsugi Technology Center and elsewhere to other tasks, including development of 4K-related products! December 2013 Sony and Panasonic stop their OLED-TV partnership Sony and Panasonic have decided to stop their OLED-Tv development, the goal was to combine Panasonics printing organic material technology with Sonys Super Top Emission technology

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Sony no OLED-Tv Panels from LG-Display – LG-Display/Samsung-Display solved technological problems!