As we reported back in February , SEL and sharp unveiled a 13.3″ 8K OLED prototype. This ultra high density (664 PPI!) display uses SEL’s C-axis-aligned crystalline oxide semiconductor (CAAC-OS) backplane. SEL’s previous 13″ CAAC-OS OLED prototype featured 326 PPI. But that lower-resolution panel was flexible. This new panel uses white OLEDs with color filters. SEL adopted micro cavities to narrow the wavelengths. The display features a 84% NTSC color gamut (rather low for an OLED). Each OLED pixel is driven by five transistors and one capacitor (5T+C) – there are almost 500 million pixel transistors in this display.

Here is the original:
SEL and sharp show a 13.3" 8K (664 PPI!) AMOLED prototype