Samsung Electronics/Samsung display plan to showcase their first LCD TV with Quantum Dots at IFA-2014. This is only a prototype which is using the next generation color viewing technology. It looks like Samsung want to introduce LCD Displays with Quantum Dots (QD) soon because the korean company filed the acronym QDOT at the United States Pantes and Trademark Office. Samsung Display developed this LCD Displays with QD backlight for Samsung Electronics Samsung is not ready to mass produce QD-LCD Tv , but the company is sure that this kind of technology can bring better viewing image than conventional LCD-Tvs and can compete against LGs OLED-Tv! LG Electronics is leader in OLED-Tv plan to introduce a 4K 65 and 77 inch device, Samsung suggest high color gamut performance which are similar to LGs OLED-Tv QD are semiconductor crystals 10,000 times finer than a human hair. They well convert electrical energy into light and can be manipulated to produce precise colors. Industry insider thinks that Samsung plan to invest in Quantum Dot LCD Tvs and plan a mass production soon, Samsung is not really ready to introduce True Pixel OLED-Television for a cheap price. Samsung may also be developing its own quantum dot technology some insider says. As QD TV is an advancement of LCD TVs, LG Electronics, the long-time rival of Samsung, is also preparing to display its prototype of QD TVs at the fair assisted by its display affiliate, LG Display LG Display is also ready to introduce QD Tvs but the management has not decided yet because LG plan to concentrate to OLED-Television devices.

Samsung introduce Quantum Dots LCD QDOT at IFA2014 – Samsung LCD QLED / QDOT-Tv vs LG OLED-Television