Samsung is under pressure because the company is not happy with the smartphone business. The company decide to launch not so many smartphone models as in the past. The reason for that is simple with this decision the company provide more manufacturing scale for the models which are launched. Samsung Electronics must also cut some production costs, also from Samsung Displays Super-AMOLED Displays. Lee Chang Hoon from Samsung Display says It is possible to produce AMOLED Displays for small and mid range displays cheaper than LCD. OLED need no backlight instead of LCD and yes we are ready to compete directly with LCD. In 2014 the best customer for Samsung display was Samsung Electronics but the company hopes to get half its OLEDS sales from other companies in less than three years. A new market for the korean company are the flexible displays, the goal is to offer and deliver a flexible OLED Display that can be folded in half by end 2015. 30-40K of flexible AMOLED Displays are the goal to mass produce by half by end 2015.The next big thing are also the transparent displays.

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Samsung introduce a foldable OLED in half by end 2015 – Samsung plans to lower production costs of Super-Amoled DIsplays