As time change and pass by, Samsung is constantly improving upon the quality of its displays smartphones. Features of this new release Samsung take with it, meaning the same features and displays yet with a touch of a bit of change. In fact, based on the testing of DisplayMate, this is one of the best smartphones that is best displayed. The element for excellent smartphone is continuously known as one of the top performing and truly innovative displays in its successive generation and it is the leading smartphones which exhibited its high tech amazing displays. The displays tell whether how beautiful and good everything on the features of this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge OLED including its camera images and most especially how readable and usable the screen that it has. These two new latest galaxy smartphones show off with its greatest technology and displays of OLED, that’s why galaxy smartphones continue to become more innovative and release new design models for every six months to give two OLED latest smartphones each year. Each new generation per year provides more improvement and significant enhancement to become advance with the new generation of Smartphones.  The continuous trend of Samsung galaxy S6 in each generation is similar with Galaxy Note 4 as said to be one of the most high demand smartphones that is available on the market today. The Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 are two of the latest OLED technology of Samsung display today.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out – Super Amoled Galaxy S6 tested in the Lab