It seems like Universial Display (UDC) and Samsung Display has fixed the OLED-Tv architecture problems. At the SID-2014 Dr. Hack from UDC informed the people about a new AMOLED display architecture! This features a new colour-tunable W-OLED lighting panel, and better methods to make single-layer encapsulation technology more efficient. With this new technology UDC and Samsung Display can reach a improvement in the lifetime of an OLED Display by as much as 8 times! The architecture enhance blue lifetime, thus significantly reducing image retentation and sticking. With this new technology the companies reach also the goal to improve the manufacturability of OLED-Tv panels. And it is also possible to produce higher resolution panels 4K! The Power consumption can be also reduced. With that new architecture Samsung Display can be produce larger OLED-Television panels with a higher resolution easier and can compete with LG-Display in the near future. The new architecture using just two low resolution masking steps. Samsung Displays use true RGB sidy by side OLED production technology which are using three high resolution patterning steps.

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Samsung Display UDC new OLED-Tv architecture – Novel Two-Mask AMOLED Display Architecture at SID-2014