At the Internatioinal Meeting on Information Display or IMID which start at Tuesday many important OLED realated companies showcase their new products and prototypes. The IMID will be held in Kintex Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. and both korean companies LG-Display/Samsung Display showcase new AMOLED products. Samsung plans to showcase 55 to 78 inch curved UHD-Tvs 3840×2160 resolution, 27 to 34 inch curved monitors. Samsung Display is proud that their curved Ultra HD Displays has a curvature of 4000R, this brings a advantages of a wider field of view than flat panels! This new technology is now also available for computer monitors as well as Television devices. A curved monitor will increase work efficiency,” said Samsung Display’s official. Samsung Display is also ready to introduce new kind of flexible OLED Displays, along with a curved Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes (AMOLED) display, which is used for Samsung’s wearable devices – Galaxy Gear Fin and Gear S this kind of OLEDs does have 300 pixels per inch. In their secret prototype zone the korean company exhibit its Quad HD OLED products such as 5.1-inch to 14-inch screens, which are applied to various devices such as smartphones, and tablet PCs . All of that kind of displays can reach 100 percent of the color standard of Adobe RGB, and it is 70 percent more than the liquid crystal display (LCD) can realize

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Samsung Display showcase 5 to 14 inch OLED Displays at IMID2014 – Samsung and LG-Display at IMID-2014