Samsung Display showcase also their latest Display innovations at SID2014 Display Week 2014, June 3-5, 2014, in San Diego. Samsung Display introduce world´s first flexible dsiplay for mobile and wearable devices new major advances in mobile OLED display technology, and trend-setting green LCD display technology. Samsung Display showcase AMOLEDs from 1.63 to 5.68 inch, the korean company want to show at their booth “picture quality experience” Also a new product is the world first 5.68 curved Super Amoled Display, and a 1.84 inch curved Super Amoled for the Samsung Gear. Their new LCD Displays for the Tablet pc or notebook market are low power focused. This new displays 10.1 incht to 13.3 inch need 30 percent less power than conventional LCD Displays. The korean company showcase also a 105 and a 27 inch curved LCD Display. The 105 inch UHD LCD 5120×2160 pixel has the best curvature of 4200R (Radius of 4.2 meters)

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Samsung Display OLED at SID2014 – 105 inch curved UHD LCD-Television