Samsung Display says that no rival company want to buy Super-Amoled Display technology for their smartphones. Only Samsung Electronics for its Galaxy S series , Note, Galaxy Tab-S Galaxy-Gear, Fit etc. products use Super-Amoled Displays. Samsung Displays CEO no Samsung rival like HTC, Sony, Nokia etc are interested in that kind of displays. The CEO Park Dong geun says at an industry event in Seoul that only Samsung Electronics buys AMOLED Display technology for its mobile devices, no other firms are doing the same. Samsung Display plans to expand their market share also in china but here we are just a the beginning! It is really a surprise because the new Super-Amoled which features the S5 and the Galaxy Tab-S series are the best displays for smartphones and Tablet-Pcs. These results are tested in the lab ! The company has argued that AMOLED will deliver better visuals for device makers, but other companies have been content with different technologies, including liquid-crystal displays (LCDs).’ Samsung Display thinks that the problem is not the display or the price, it might have something to do with Samsung Electronics. That company is competing against a wide range of mobile-device makers that don’t want to fill the coffers of its parent company, Samsung. Source Samsung Display says to build $1 billion Vietnam plant SAmsung Display plant to build a new production line in Vietnam for about 1 Billion Dollar

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Samsung Display no rival company buy Super-Amoled – Samsung Display ramp up a new production plant in Vietnam