In July 2014 we informed you that Samsung Display has problems to sell Super-AMOLED Displays to rival companies . The korean company updated their OLED product portfolio massive. Samsung Display offers now for third party companies their Wearable OLED Displays 1.6 inch 300 nit, 277ppi and 100 percent Color Gamut, and a 1.8 inch AMOLED with 300 nit, 244 ppi and 100% color gamut! This kind of Displays are the same like in the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Gear2 and Galaxy Fit . Now also rival companies can buy that kind of displays which suggest realistic imagies with high contrast ratio, high definiton image quality, and fast response time without any motion blur. For the gaming or digital camera market the company offers a 3.3 inch with WVGA 720×480 pixel, 300 nit, a 3 inch FVGA 720×480 and a 3 inch with VGA 640×480 Pixel. Samsung Smartphone AMOLED line up for third party companies Samsung Display expand their product line also for the smartphone market for other companies. The korean company suggest the best technology high resolution, slim/light and less power consumption. That means that rival companies can buy the displays which Samsung Electronics use for their flagship smartphones Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note3 ! The Super-Amoled DIsplay with WQHD 1440×2560 Pixel 577ppi is not ready for purchase . 5.7 inch FHD 350 nit(HBM:500Nit) 5.6 inch HD 300 nit 5.5 inch HD 300 nit 5.0 inch FHD 300 nit(HBM:400Nit) 4.8 inch HD 300 nit 4.7 inch HD 300 nit 4.3 inch qhd 300 nit 4.3 inch Wvga 300 nit 4.0 inch Wvga 300 nit Tablet Pc AMOLED product line At the moment Samsung Display offers no more mid size OLED Displays for their external partners! Nobody can buy a 7 or 7.7 inch OLED DIsplay at the moment. Also no chance to buy the 8.4 and a 10.5 inch Super Amoled WQXGA 2560 x 1600 Pixel and 360 ppi ( Galaxy S Tab ) Samsung Display offers only LCD Displays from 7 inch to 12.2 inch size! The 12.2 inch has a WQXGA resolution 2560×1600 pixel but NO OLED any more!   Source: Samsung-Display

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Samsung Display new OLED-Display product line up! – No more mid sized AMOLED DIsplays for Tablet Pcs for rival companies