Samsung Display has held ‘2014 Samsung future Display Ideas Contest’ ceremony on 22 Dec. It has been six years since that contest was held, the application was accepted for domestic and overseas University students with the topic of “free imagination to break the stereotype of the display. More than 1,700 participants came up with various ideas by using their brilliant imagination. Samsung Display selected the final winners of 12 from technology ideas and 11 from product design sectors, through a preliminary and final evaluation Fluidisplay It is a product combining both principles of electronic paper (EPD) and nano (Nano) technology, it can be used as a display by spraying nano-sized particles or attaching it as a sticker. Pixelevator It is an idea to enable a three-dimensional display using a voltage change according to the color / brightness of the pixel. Healthy Display It provides a mode highlighting a specific wave-length light for user’s life style rhythm and mobile phone usage pattern.Break mode is a yellow wave-length to minimize the inhibition of melatonin secretion, the concentration mode increases the luminance of blue light to enable the secretion of serotonin. Glover They are ‘smart wearable gloves’, combining gloves and displays, lighting optical sensors which are highly utilized at the construction site such as instrumentation, field notes, The idea of using the back of the hand were received a high rating. M-Kit It is a transparent tablet PC to help students to use it for their study, it can be used as multi-purpose- a protractor, a compass, and writing. Display Gym It can be freely changed to fit the game events by implementing a sports stadium floor as display. MEDIDIsplay Morever, ‘MEDIsplay +’ which is a curtain-type display to help the psychological stability of the speakers, ‘Pressure Display’ which you can feel soft by applying a high frequency, ‘D-Bell’ which applied a display to landscape used as interior accessories, ‘Beam Stick’ which is a compact design with combination of a laptop and a beam projector, various works have been awarded

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