Philips and the Jason Bruges Studio showcase a new design Project with OLED lighting panels. The OLED Water Lily is the result of experiments on Lumiblade OLED lighting panels and liquids. The designer formed this project through a series of experiments on OLED and liquids, uses the organic and lightweight properties of OLED to create a floating digital surface. The lilies, blending nature and technology, only power when connected with the surface of the water. Incandescent bulbs generate the light by passing electricity via a wire, or fluoroscent lamps which pass current through a gas. OLED generate light by passing electricity through one ore more very thin layers of organic semiconductor material. At the Light and Building 2014 Philips showcase brand new OLED lighting panels. The new GL350 Panel is the first of its kind to be strong in the field of functional light. This panel measues 124.5 by 124.5 millimeters (~ 4.9 by 4.9 inches) and with a luminous flux of 120 lumens, the new OLED delivers enough light to be used for a functional lamp. See what happens when Lumiblade OLEDs are combined with liquid — the result is quite extraordinary! OLED Water Lily by Jason Bruges Studio Please feel free to use high resolution pictures from our Flickr Account! But please share the content and link back to us! High resoultion pictures from light and building 2014 event in Frankfurt If you like videos please go to our Youtube Channel Are you interested to buy some products

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Philips Lumiblade OLED Water Lily – The OLED lighting Water Lily by Jason Bruges Studio