LG DIsplay/LG Electronics is happy to announce that their 77 inch curved OLED-Tv device (77EC980V) is the winner of EISA´s European High End Television 2014/2015 award. The 77 inch OLED-Television features 4K UHD resolution with WRGB technology . At the CES-2014 the korean company showcased the 65 inch and 77 inch 4K version for the first time . LG Electronics is proud about this award and the sucess is a combination of the latest in advanced display technology ensures sharp, detailed imates and the highest contrast ratio. The korean company says that the biggest advantages of a curved OLED Tv is its ability to enhance the users immersive experience with its curved form . The Display “wraps around” the viewer, the customer fells the stability and being immersed in the image like a amphitheater. LG-Display that the bendable form of the OLED-Display is very similar to the “HOROPTER LINE” seen by the customers eyes. This new ergonomy suggest an immersive viewing experience and a wide viewing angle. With the Tru 4K Enginge Pro the award winner device can upscale lower resolution content to near 4K picture quality. The Eisa association has 50 member publications from about 20 european countries

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OLED-Tv 77EC980V EISA European High-End TV 2015 – EISA award for 77 inch curved 4k OLED-Television device from LG