Thanks to improvements and the investements from the leading OLED company Samsung-Display the production costs of organic light emitting diode panels for handsets, smartphones are near at the same level like LCD-Displays. DisplaySearch says in their Technology report that the manufacturing consts for AMOLED panels for handsets are currently 10-20 percent higher than for LCD Displays. In two years OLED panels were expected to cost less than LCD panels, thanks to major improvements in production yields. In 2014 a 5 inch Super-Amoled Display costs about 16 percent more than a LCD with the same size and resolution. Instead of LCD OLED does not need a backlight, and has a better color gamut, higher contrast, super fast response time and slimness. Jimmy Kim senior from DisplaySearch says: “Until recently there have been few breakthroughs in the production of AMOLED displays, and the OLED industry seemed to be facing hard times,” If Organic light emitting diode Panels are cheaper than LCD and does have a better picture quality, it would lead more opportunities for that industry, with greater competition with LCD. At the moment Samsung Display has problems to sell Super-Amoled to rival companies! Source

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OLED Display costs for Smartphones to fall below LCD soon – In 2016 AMOLED handset Panel Costs Expected to Fall Below LCD-Displays