The fight against OLED vs QDOT TVs (Quantum Dot Television devices) starts at IFA-2014 In co-operation with QD Vision the chinese company TCL introduce their first 55 inch 4K UHD Television device with QD Quantum Dots technology. TCL are using IQTM technology from QD Vision which delivers 100 percent NTSC color gamut performance that establishes a new standard of color performance with LCD technology. The secret behind this are QD Visions new semiconductor nanocrystal technology that enables Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to achieve that kind of color performance. The combination of both companies are optimal because QD Vision has the innovation and TCL the experience and high volume manufacturing fabs. There are some reports that colorfulness is a very important factor in viewers estimation of picture quality, the mainstream LCD Television device reach typically 60-70 percent of NTSC color gamut standard. QD Vision says: Full-gamut color displays enabled by cost-effective quantum dot technology deliver vibrant colorfulness and 100% accuracy, and are poised for universal adoption in the coming years. OLED hast the same very good color gamut experience but for a more expensive price, but OLED has more advantages that only color gamut, contrast, response time, thickness, etc. etc. Yes OLED is not the cheapest technology yet TCL and QD Vision suggest the same color experience for 1/3 of the price of an OLED-Television device. It looks like Samsung plans also a QDOT-Television device soon

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OLED Color at 1/3 the Price suggest TCL 4K Quantum dot based Tv – QD Vision and TCL introduce QDOT 4K Television device at IFA-2014