Universal Display participated in Cowen and Company’s 42nd Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. This was a very interested talk – and I recommend listening to it if you’re an investor (or interested in investing) in UDC. Here I give some of the updates and highlights from that talk. In Q1 2014, UDC Introduced a new high performing red emitters for mobile applications. That red emitter is longer lasting, provide a better gamut and is also more efficient. UDC more or less confirmed that the GS5 uses these new materials and that’s how Samsung managed to improve the efficiency by 25% compared to the GS4 display . Because these are new materials, SDC go back to the original prices (before accumulative volume discounts). Read more about Notes from UDC's talk at Cowen's 42nd annual technology conference

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Notes from UDC’s talk at Cowen’s 42nd annual technology conference