Nokia Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL), and Advanced Film Devce (AFD) showcase a new OLED Display which can be folded in two or three ways while displaying video content. The companies introduced that kind of brand new OLED Displays at the SID-2014 Displayweek. The first display is like a book, the display can be folded in two sides. The second prototype is a “three-fold” OLED! All panels has a diagonal of 5.9 inch when unfolded. Their pixel count and resolution are 1,280 x 720 and 249ppi! SEL says that the panels are realized by using the WTC Structure. This structure combines white light emitting OLEDs and color filter. The display is made by forming a release layer, sealing layer and color filter layer in this order on a glass substrate. The color filter layer and OLED layer are attached to each other, and the glass substrates are peeled off and replaced with flexible substrates. SEL informed us that the book type OLED and three fold Display can be bent more than 100.000 times and the displays can be bent up to curvature radius of 2mm and 4mm

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Nokia showcase three-fold OLED Displays – Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) and Nokia showcase new flexible AMOLEDs at SID2014