LG-Display showcase a flexible, bendable, foldable 18 inch full colour OLED Display with a 1200×810 pixel resolution . Check out our Interview  with the developers Bak Won-Seo and Jo Min-Gu from LG-Display! Thanks to LG-Display we can showcase also some more exclusive pictures from this groundbreaking new technology. Bak Won-Seo team manager: For existing products, it was possible to curve them to some extent even if there were some issues such as thickness and material, but we couldn’t expect that they could be rolled. We started our final target to100R, due to technical difficulties. However, we were able to achieve the exteme radius of curvature with good results more than we expected. This radius of curvature is the largest technical distinction of a 18-inch flexible OLED which has been developed this time. It seems to be possible to implement it up to 30R with current technology. We has also applied it to a 18-inch display, with ongoing research and development for the mass production technology of a large-area flexible OLED display, not for the development of technology to produce a simple sample. Therefore it could be a great advantage that we can also produce a large-area flexible OLED, with our current technology

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New Videos/pictures LG-Display foldable 18 inch OLED Display – NEW VIDEO from LG-Displays flexible, foldable 18 inch OLED DIsplay