At the Touch Taiwan 2014 event held in Taipei Nangang AUO showcase some brand new Display products. For the first time AUO can showcase a 5 inch Full HD and 8 inch WQXGA 1600×2560 LCD panel adopting a-SI (amorphous silicon) display technology. Also a 5.5 inch Full HD in-cell Touch AMOLED Panel (like Samsung DIsplays Super-AMOLED) The company is also happy to showcase the world thinnest 4.3 inch LTPS TFT-LCD with ultra thin glass on carrier technolgy with a thickness of 0.92mm!! AUO suggest new AMOLED Displays for smartphones, wearable devices, and the development for flexible AMOLED technology is also a major goal. Their 5.5 inch Full HD in-cell Touch AMOLED panel has successfully integrated touch function with in the panel. To reach that goal AUO are using the glass thinning technology, the panel thickness has been reduced to 0.45 mm, and the resolution has also been raised to 403 ppi. This panel suggeset high color saturation, high contrast, slimness, flexibility and low poer consumption and is designed for the smartphone market. Auo is happy that this panel is the winner of a Gold Panel Ward. AUO is also ready to showcase a 1.6 inch OLED Display for smart watches, healthcare and medical purposes. Their new 5 inch flexible AMOLED Touch panel is based on a plastic substrate and thin film encapsulation.

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New AUO AMOLED/LCD Displays at Touch Taiwan event – flexible 5 inch AMOLED, 1.6 inch wearable device, 5.5 inch with 0.45 mm thickness