It feels like I’m writing the same post over and over again – LG lowers the price of their OLED TV again… Only 7 days ago I posted that LG’s 2013 OLED TV model, the 55EA9800 is down to $3,198. And I estimated that it’s likely we’ll see a 55″ OLED TV for less than $3,000 very soon. Well! That did not take long. Amazon is now offering the EA9800 for only $2,799  via online retailer MCMelectronics. LG recently launched their new 2014 55″ curved FHD model (the 55EC9300) for $3,499 . They probably do not produce the EA9800 no longer, so supply for the older model is probably limited. LG will also soon launch a 65″ 4K OLED, and this one will cost $6,999 .

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LG’s 55EA9800 curved OLED TV now shipping for $2,799 in the US