LG Electronics and LG Display drops the price for their curved OLED-Television devices every month.  The korean company informed us that the sales of the 55 inch OLED-Television device has reached 1.000 units in October 2014 in Korea.  The reason is simple the price cut below the 4 million won level and the amazing picture quality. 1000 units per month means that the sales are increased twenty times in comparison with 2013. The goal is to sell 800.00 OLED-Television devices in 2015, this means that it is possible that the Organic light emitting diode Television sector can be profitable soon. The secret of the success is the WRGB technology developed from Kodak . Source OLED-Tv product line up 77 inch 4K Ultra HD Curved 77EC9800 (3840 x 2160 pixels) 65 inch OLED TV UHD 55 inch Curved EB9600 UHD/FULL-HD 55 inch Full HD EA8809 55 inch Full HD 55EC9300 (third generation) 55 inch Full HD EA9709 55 inch Full HD EA9809 THX zertifiziert Order NOW a LG 55 inch 55EA9800 LG Electronics 55EA9800 LG Display is using a WOLED that means White-OLED , panel based on oxide TFT technology. LG can mass produce 8.000 sheets per month on the 8G fab, but the company plans to expand with more fabrication lines up to 26.000 per month. By the way the chinese companies TCL, Hisense and Changhong uses also this panel from LG-Display. Panasonic use printing technology to produce their panels, at CES-2014 they introduce 55 inch curved 4K panels with different bending points and radiuses.

Here is the original:
LG sold 1,000 OLED-Tv Units in October 2014 – 1000 OLED-Television devices are sold in only one month in korea