One of the latest buzz words in the TV industry is HDR – High Dynamic Range. HDR video captures images with an expanded brightness range – darker shadows and brighter whites. An HDR TV will need to be able to display a wider range of brightness levels compared to a regular TV, and so the maximum brightness of any pixel needs to be higher – about 1,000 nits (compared to about 400 nits as the brightest pixel in a regular TV). One of the challenges with OLED displays is making them bright enough, and usually LCDs offer a brighter image (although for mobile devices, the latest OLEDs are actually brighter than the best LCDs ). LG seems to be confident that they can solve this issue, and during a press event in the UK company officials promised that LG will unveil an HDR OLED TV in Q3 2015 – around the time of the IFA 2015 exhibition in Berlin. Read more about LG promises HDR OLED TVs by Q3 2015

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LG promises HDR OLED TVs by Q3 2015