LG DIsplay/Electronics is ready to introduce their 77 and 65 inch LG ULTRA HD 4K OLED TVs later this October in Europe. At the CES-2014 LG showcased their 77EC980V OLED TV and 65 inch 65EC970V models, now LG is ready to introduce that OLED-Television device in Q3 or Q4 2014 in Europe. LG sys that this kind of Television deliver the ultimate viewing experience with 4K screen resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), with automatically controlled color temperature for individual pixels thanks to the LG Colour Refiner , resulting in superior consistency and balance. LG Display will start ramping up the M2 production line in the second half of this year to expand the OLED TV product line-up as well as the customer base. At the same time, LG Display will maintain its competitive advantage in the LCD business with its IPS and copper line technology. In addition, it will further strengthen its future competitiveness by expanding differentiated technologies, such as LTPS and plastic OLED. Also Apple plans to test the technology of LG-Display for their iTv. LG use not the same technology to produce this kind of panel, LG-Display use WRGB with a white subpixel, and Red, Green, Blue. Samsung Display use True Pixel technology so only Red, Green, Blue.

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LG launch Curved ULTRA HD 4K OLED TV in Q4 2014 – 77 inch and 65 inch LG ULTRA HD 4K OLED-Television in October 2014