Now the smartwatch from LG-Electronics is official, this is world first smartwatch with a 1.3 inch Plastic OLED with a 320×320 pixel resolution. The G-Watch-R works with the Android Wear OS. This new gadget will be introduced at the IFA-2014 event in Berlin. LG is proud to introduce the smartwatch with the eye catching 1.3 inch full cirlce POLED Display, this display produces stunning image clarity even under bright sunlight and boost clarity when viewed from any angle. The LG-G Watch-R has a 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon 400 processor, 4GB storage, 512 MB Ram and 410mAh battery. The G-Watch-R can also be used 30 minutes in water (one meter depth) and has a IP67 Protection. The LG G Watch R show you the essential and relevant information exactly at the right time and place. WIth the fitness apps you can monitor your heart rate with embedded photoplethysmogrophy PPG sensor. It shows also important reminders of missed calls and messages, upcoming meetings, events, and local weather forecasts. LG Display delivers that kind of POLED Displays and also the displays for Apples iWatch .

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LG G Watch R features a 1.3-inch circular Plastic OLED – First Smartwatch with circular POLED 320×320 pixel