There are rumors that LG-Electronics is ready to introduce a new smartwach, wristwatch at the IFA-2014 event in Germany. The G-Watch 2 features a AMOLED Display which are produced from LG-Display. At the moment we have no informations about details (POLED? bendable, resolution etc.) LG want to introduce this new gadget with Googles voice recognitiion systems. This softare allows to check shopping information, messages, and other user defined information in real time. For sure LG use also the new Android wearable platform for this wristwatch and it should be a game changer device. It is possible that the G-Watch 2 will be powered by Qualcomms application processors. LG can not use their own in-house Odin branded processors. Apple plan to introduce thair iWatch also in September, the G-Wach 2 should compete with Apples device.

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LG G Watch 2 with OLED IFA-2014 – Smartwatch with OLED from LG at IFA2014