The Global communications Director Ken Hong, spoke at the IFA-2014 about LG-Displays OLED-Tv investemts and their competitior with True RGB OLED-Tv (Samsung). LG Display bought the patent rights for the white OLED technology from KOdak nobody thought that this deal can be a successful business. Kodak developed the white OLED panel technology and LG bought this patents that allows to get this 80 percent plus yield. This decision brings LG-Display in a very good position their rivals can not compete with this technology, LG think no competitior can catch us for 2-3 years. I hope you can remember our article Why LG Display will dominate the OLED-TV panel market in 2014? By the way the LG pays 100 million dollar back in 2009 to get that kind of gold mine. LG invest a lot of money also in some new production lines to achieve high production quantities for its 4K OLED-Television. On the other side Samsung Display has no plans to introduce True Pixel RGB OLED-Tvs soon. Maybe we see 2015 with some new architecture technology some new panels from Samsung. And LG says our competitor says the customers are not ready for that kind of panels, LG thinks they’re not ready

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LG Display says True RGB OLED-Tv can not compete with WRGB – LG says white OLED patents from Kodak is the key for success!