Do you remember the world first watch with a circular OLED Display? LG G watch features a plastic Organic light emitting diode display technolog. But why LG are use plastic substrate for the display rather than glass. LG Display produce the first Plastic OLED Display with a circular design. Plastic OLED explained This kind of OLED has not a glass substrate, LG Display use a PLASTIC Substrate. Plastic, not glass The problem of plastic substrate is that it cannot stand high temperatures. LG Display developed a plastic substrate based on PI or polyimide which is stable under high temperatures and has chemical stability. During the development of the coating process of large format Polyimide it is possible to produce curving technoloty and the technology to eliminate unnecessary bubbles and foreign substances. 2) LTPS(Low Temperature Poly Silicon) TFT(Thin Film Transistor) technology One of POLED’s important features is that it can have thin bezel, since the fast electron mobility technology made the integration of different parts to be possible.

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LG Display explain Plastic OLED – The future of POLED 2015-2017