At the LG Display´s official newsroom website you will find some hot news in thair newsreel! As you see in the screenshot LG-Display confirmed that “Apple Watch to come with AMOLED panels from LG DIsplay”. Why the link is a external link to a old story from Digitimes about AuO and Sonys wearable deal is not clear. We think this is only a problem with the external link, we are sure that LG Display will not publish that kind of headline if it is not true. Source: LGdisplaynewsroom Some more infos from Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs Apple’s smartwatch will include a flexible OLED display. It looks like Goldman Sachs Lee has more informations about the display technology behind Apples Smartwatch. Goldman Sachs maintained to buy Universal Display shares (NAsDAQ:OLED) with a price target of 44 Dollar, because in the company is sure that Apple will use a flexible Plastic-OLED Display. Their analyst says “We see a high likelihood that Apple’s smartwatch will include a lexible OLED display and see the move in OLED shares as an attractive entry point in the near-term. This only the start of Apples plans to use AMOLED this technology can be de facto standard in futurs iPhone and iPad product lineups. Displaysearch about Cost Modeling the Apple Watch OLED Display Displaysearch posted some update about the price of the plastic AMOLED Display for the Apple Watch.The research company thinks that the POLED Display costs more than 27 Dollar in the production. Displaysearch assume a 60 percent yield rate fo the 27 Dollar estimation. The production costs for the POLED includes the plastic OLED module, touch panel interface and the cover glass, sapphire or glass. By analyzing available information, we estimate the bill of materials cost of the larger Apple Watch display to be more than $27 in the initial phase. Source: Displaysearch

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LG Display confirmed Plastic AMOLED for Apple Watch – Apple Watch to come with AMOLED panels from LG-Display