LG Display showcase the world largest flexible/foldable OLED-Display. The Display has a size from about 18 inch it is a full colour display which is foldable and rollable, you can roll it into a tube that´s a mere 3cm across. This is only a protoype and has a 1200×810 pixel resolution which is based on a new polyamide film on the back of the backplane. With the new material instead of plastic, LG can realize more flexibility and the panel is thinner. About this information we informed you already , LG plans a Ultra HD flexible and transparent rollable Television device with mor than 60 inches in 2017, says the Head of R&D In-Byung Kang. Source: Engadget Videos

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LG Display 18 inch flexible OLED Display – World largest flexible OLED Display suggest 60-inch rollable TVs