LG Chem is happy to announce that their development team can showcase the world first high efficacy OLED light panel which can compete against LED. This panel has a high luminous efficacy and long lasting performance. Now lets talk about the numbers, the new panel has an efficacy rate of 100 lumens per watt with 40.000 hours of lifetime. As a example the organic light emitting diodes lighting panels which are available today have 60 lumens per watt. OLED does have more advantages against LED this panels weight 20 percent lighter than LED lights. LG Chem says that the assembly process of OLED lighting panels does not need heat sinks and frames. “Thus, OLED lights do not waste energy (as much as LEDs).” The panels are much more environmentally friendly than LEDs. OLED lights do not have hazardous heavy metal components such as mercury and lead. This brand new panel are ready for mass produce in November for North America and Europe It already secured partnerships with some 50 companies in those regions including Acuity Brands, with the aim of sealing deals to supply OLED panels for automotive rear lamps to global automakers. Source Source Videos from LG-Chem OLED LG Chem OLED at Light and Building 2014 Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

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LG Chem Worlds first OLED which can compete against LED – OLED light panels from LG Chem can compete with LED