Kateeva announced today that the company plans two major steps! Step one is that Larry Timm is the new expert sales executive. Larry Timm has a strong experience in selling complex capital equipment and related process technologies to marquee electronics manufacturing customers in Asia and Europe. Second step is that Kateeva plan to expand their facility to create the first YieldJet Tools for flexible and large OLED-Tv panels. Kateeva develop with the Yieldjet platform the world first inkjet printer which is designed to produce flexible and large size OLED-Television panels. With unique precision deposition capabilities, YIELDjet makes production of such ultra-light, paper-thin OLED displays economically viable. The president of Kateeva Dr. conor Madigan explain the decision to ramp up the facility in Silicon Valley: “Here, we can access top-class engineers and proven suppliers, while also establishing copy-exact protocols for future manufacturing in other locations,” Kateeva says that the move into production is a big milestone. Timm is excited to build the support infrastructure and help companies leverage the value of Yieldjet. More infos about YieldJet Plattform and Q&A with the president of Kateeva here: Kateeva introduce Yieldjet to print cost effective flexible-large OLED-Tv Displays

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Kateeva Inkjet Printers for flexible & large-size OLEDs – Prepares facility to start manufacturing first Inkjet Printers for OLED-Tv