Japan Display is proud to showcase a 5.2 inch flexible AMOLED Display at the FPD-International 2014 Display Innovation Event. This flexible OLED prototype is the first from Japan Display with a amazing thickness of 0.05mm! The panel is made with WRGB method with PI substrate and has a Full HD resolution with 423ppi. The thickness can be reached with TFE thin film encapsulation. This is a brand new panel, for a year the company introduced a 5.2 inch FHD OLED Panel with glass substrate. Some official from JDI R&D said that the mass production of this kind of panel is not decided yet. At Ishikawa JDI develops small and mid range AMOLED Displays for mobile devices. JDI called this display “Sheet OLED” and it can be curved but its not flexible/bendable. The panel is a results from the subsidies from Japans NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology development Organization). You remember that Japan Display, INCJ and Panasonic founded a new OLED focused company named JOLED . This company start in January 2015 and the plan is to control every OLED developments.

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Japan Display 5.2-inch flexible OLED display – Display Innovation 2014 flexible SHEET OLED Full HD AMOLED from JAPAN DIsplay