Planar Systems, is ready to introduce a 55 inch transparent OLED Display at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2015. Our team from and are in Amsterdam and will showcase exclusiv pictures and videos about the event. The 55 inch prototype at ISE 2015 will utilize breakthrough OLED technology to improve the transparency of see-through displays, creating new opportunities for experience design while overcoming a major hurdle to transparent display adoption. You know that OLED are self emitting, and need no backlight, Planar want to introduce the panel under the LookThru series. Jennifer Davis vice president of marketing at Planar System says that the vision of transparent displays, popularized for decades in science fiction movies and television shows, is now nearing reality. “This technology is poised to revolutionize space design, customer engagement, and the digital display of information and branding for decades to come, and we are proud to be a pioneer in this next wave of transparent display development.” Planar plans to introduce the transparent OLED Display technology to introduce in 2016. The goal is to use that kind of technology in retail, museum and corporate settings. Retailers can install these displays in front of actual products to provide digital information about their merchandise, creating augmented reality experiences. Museums can use them to encourage patrons to interact with exhibits by displaying artifacts overlaid with text, images or video content designed to educate and inspire. ive display technology pioneered by Planar

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ISE-2015 55 inch Transparent OLED from Planar – Transparent OLED Display at ISE-2015