According to an interesting market report from ETNews, LG Eelctronics is developing a smartphone with a bendable display. This technology will be similar to the bendable OLED TV prototypes we’ve seen , so you could press a button to change the phone from a curved state to a flat state. LGE has reportedly filed for a US patent describing such a system. LG G Flex ETNews says that this phone will actually be released very soon, and will be called the G Flex 2. We heard reports before that the G Flex 2 will be launched next month at CES 2015 . I’m a bit skeptical that this will be a bendbale phone, as it seems a bit too early for a bendbale phone, but I wouldn’t mind a good surprise from LGE! Read more about Is LG working on a bendable smartphone?

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Is LG working on a bendable smartphone?