In June 2012 we first heard about AIV-BEX’s ambitious AMOLED project . Later in 2013 we posted more details about this 4.5-Gen Oxide-TFT AMOLED production fab project . A few months ago I heard that AIV-BEX abandoned the OLED project, but according to some new information this is not true, although they do face some delays to their original plan. In 2013 AIV-BEX planned to start production in 2014, but now according to the OLED Association, this was delayed to Q4 2015. According to a private investor on a forum, the company assured him that the project is still running but is slower than expected. Read more about Is AIV-BEX's AMOLED project delayed but still on track?

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Is AIV-BEX’s AMOLED project delayed but still on track?