EverDisplay Optronics  (EDO) was established in October 2012 with an aim to become China’s first AMOLED producer. I’m happy to announce that the company has now began to mass produce AMOLED panels. EDO is currently producing 5″ 720p (293 PPI) panels for mobile phones. They already achieved a design win with a Chinese handset maker and the first mobile phone that use their panels is expected to launch by the end of 2014. EverdDisplay is also developing 5.6″ Full-HD panels, and these will enter mass production in February 2015. EDO’s next display will be a 1.63″ 320×320 AMOLED for wearables – expected for Q2 2015 . Read more about Everdisplay starts AMOLED mass production

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Everdisplay starts AMOLED mass production