Both LG Display and Samsung Display are currently producing flexible AMOLED displays, and we know that the two companies aim to increase production capacity in the near future. ETNews posted an interesting article that sheds some light on the company’s current plans. So let’s start with LGD, that currently produces plastic-based OLEDs in its Gen-4.5 fab , with a monthly capacity of 14,000 substrates (this more than double its capacity in the beginning of 2014 ). According to ETNews LGD is building a Gen-6 line that will have eventually have a capacity of 15,000 monthly substrates (much larger than the current Gen-4.5 fab of course). It seems that LGD will begin construction in Q3 2015, and the first stage will have a production capacity of 7,500 monthly substrates. Read more about ETNews details Samsung's and LG's flexible OLED expansion plans

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ETNews details Samsung’s and LG’s flexible OLED expansion plans