eMagin is ready to showcase the first ever full color ultra-high brightness DPD brand OLED microdisplay. This new microdisplay features 30 times more brighness, while providing 5 times better power efficiency. The power consumption is one of the key advantage between OLED microdisplay versus an LCD or LCOS product. eMagin demonstrations of OLED-ULT displays are currently for customers which are interested in ultra high brightness microdisplays for head mounted displays, smart glasses (google glas), and commercial augmented reality applications. OLED-ULT Active Matrix Displays suggest crisp, high contrast imagery via True BlackTm pixel technology. Another advantages of this display is that the temperature of the display is very low. Standard OLED Displays has a higher color shift with angle than eMagins OLED-ULT Display.

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eMagin Ultra-High Brightness DPD Color OLED Microdisplay – New OLED microdisplay features improved brightness and power efficiency