Thanks to Apple the major display makers LG-Display, Samsung-Display, JOLED plan to to commercializing oxide thin film Transistor TFT OLED and LCD Displays for Tablet PCs in Q2 2015. The korean industry says that Samsung Displays R&D line is developing Oxide TFT Technology for mid size Displays (Tablet-PCs). Also LG-Display plans to convert a R&D line for Oxide with AMOLED. The new japanese company JOLED (Sony, Panasonic, JDI) has also the goal to introduce mid size AMOLED Displays for Tablet Pcs. In 2014 the major companies are using amorphous silicon (a-si) to produce that kind of panels. Why the Display Makers want to develop OXIDE substrates? It is easy to describe because APPLE want to use the benefits of this technology lower power consumption and the companies can reduce the device thickness. Display makers also prefer oxide to LTPS substrate because the price of panels made with oxide substrate is relatively lower. Surprise Surprise Samsung Display and LG Display are planning a business strategies partnership to reach the goal to mass produce Oxide OLED in 2015.

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Display Makers OLED Oxide Tablet PC in 2015 – Thanks to Apples strategy change OXIDE OLED Displays will become popular