At ‘IFA 2014′ held in September this year in Germany, there was a product caught the attention of many people with innovative features and design of products. It is the ‘Galaxy Note edge‘. It is getting hot attention becasue it equips with the world’s first flexible display which one side is the curved edge. We will find out more about the flexible display of the Galaxy Note edge that will be the new way of innovative IT equipment’s development The Galaxy Note edge employed a flexible display called ‘Curved Edge Display’. By offering a distinctive appearance and function curving the right side of the display, the doubt about the effectiveness of a flexible display has been disappered right way. 5.6 inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2560×1440+160) The entire size of this display is 5.6 inches, the main display is 5.4 inches, the right edge of the display has a resolution of Quad HD + (2560X1600) with 7.5mm in width, including the bezel. Total weight is just 10.8g and it is very thin display with thickness of 0.86mm, like one credit card’s thickness. The side of Edge Display is one step further folded strtucture, not one-sided surfaces as a single. It was designed with a multi-curvature of 7R radius of the edge part running icon, etc and 13R radius of the bezel (7R means the degree of curvature bent with a radius of the circle of 7mm

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Details Curved Edge Super AMOLED Display of Galaxy Note Edge – Infos about the world first curved Super-Amoled Galaxy Edge Note