LG Display is ready to mass produc the world first circular P-OLED Plastic OLED Display. This POLED will be used for their smartwacht G-Watch-R which are introduced at IFA-2014 in Berlin. This circular display make new kind of wearable products possible. The display has a 1.3 inch diameter with a 320×320 Pixel resolution, 100 percent color gamut, 300 nit peak luminance and unlimited contrast ratio for great user satisfaction. This innovative display is perfectly round and allows Lgs smartwatch to have a full watch face while promoting ease of use since the screen area is 57 percent larger than that of a square display with the same size. LG Display is ready to mass produce that kind of Display by developing a circular mask that enables organic materials to be deposited simultaneously. This new process improves deposition efficiency whly employing a highly precise laser cutting technology. This is antoher breakthrough for LG-Display with OLED and their next generation display technologies. Sang-Deog Yeo, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at LG Display says: “We will respond to the fast-growing wearable devices market by continuously developing innovative technologies to meet the needs and demands of various customers, thereby leading the market.”

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Circular Plastic OLED Display from LG-Display – World’s First Circular POLED Display ready for mass production