During the CES or also known as Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas, BMW showcase their latest functions of their laser light technology with M4 Concept Lights model. It has a cool and unique white metallic paint wherein they feature the latest interpretation of typical BMW round twin headlights. In addition to this, the well known laser technology can easily be identified by blue strips within the lights. If you can notice the rear, the clusters of BMW model are being based on OLEDs or also known as “organic light-emitting diodes” that has the ability to produce light from water semiconducting organic material. Apart from this, both the rear direction and tail lights indicators feature the OLED technology with illuminated surfaces that is being positioned to easily produce 3-dimensional effect. One of the advantages of using OLEDs is that it has the ability to take less room due to its thin size which is 1.4mm. Furthermore, BMW M states that they will launch a production model that will feature OLED technology in the future. Aesthetic factor is one of the highlights of BMW and this is one of the reasons why many people want to avail this new model of luxury car. Aside from this, laser light is completely integrated with vehicle sensors and assistance systems and at the same time it can be utilized to easily implement new lighting functions that are creatively developed and designed for improved comfort and safety.

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BMW M4 Coupe OLED and Laser Lights at CES 2015 – BMW OLED Light at CES-2015