BMW plan to introduce the Awron DGA OLED DIsplay in following models F8X M3 & M4 in 2015. The European Auto Source showcase the Awron DGA OLED DIsplay. Awron deliver also hardware for Alpina, which is a respected name in the BMW community. You can read a lot of things from the OLED DIsplay see the list below, you can controll the display using the factory steering wheel buttons. The installation is very easy plug and play and the display will be ready in 1.5 hours. The orange colors mach the M3s gauges niceley, you can choose German and English languages with the OEM steering wheel buttons. Units can be switched from Imperial or Metric readings. At the moment we have no resolution of the display or the manufacturer. Source Awron DGA Displayed Values – Battery Voltage – Boost Pressure / Peak Boost – Water Temperature – Transmission Temperature – Horsepower / Peak Horsepower – Torque / Peak Torque – Dyno Graph – G-Forces / Peak G-Forces – Speed / Max Speed – Stopwatch – Sprint Times – GPS Speed – Quarter Mile Times – Light Countdown – Wideband O2 Sensor Bank – Exhaust Gas Temperature – Fuel Rail Pressure – Intake Temperature – Oil Temperature – Oil Pressure – Maximum Values Features – Steering wheel controlled (CAN) – User defines dedicated steering wheel button – Gauge ships pre-assembled into OEM air duct – Plug & play installation – Full Color OLED Display – OEM look & feel – Integrated USB port for firmware updates

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BMW M4 Awron Gauge OLED Demo – Awron introduce OLED Display for BMW F8X M3, M4 in 2015