AUO’s president Paul Peng made some interesting comments regarding OLED TVs during AUO’s recent quarterly conference call. First of all, Peng says that while AUO “acknowledges” the active OLED TV programs by Samsung and LG, he is still waiting for the market reaction. Peng says that from the customer perspective, OLEDs are getting more and more similar to OLEDs in terms of resolution, color, slim for factor, curve and bezel. AUO 65-inch AMOLED panel prototype Peng says that while AUO has been “continuously developing large size OLED TVs”, there have no plans for mass production yet. They still regard OLEDs as a solution for high-end customers only, and the company is still “observing the tend”. Read more about AUO's president: no OLED TV plans yet

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AUO’s president: no OLED TV plans yet