AUO is ready to showcase the world first Ultra Thin in cell AMOLED with Touch function for wearable devices. The OLED Display is only 0.5 mm thick and power saving. This display is special designed for wearable devices like smartwatches. Maybe Apple will use this OLED DIsplay for their iWatch? World’s First(*) Ultra Thin In-cell Touch AMOLED Panel Meeting Future Technological Trends for Wearable Devices At SID-2014 Displayweek AUO showcase also a 5 inch flexible AMOLED Display on plastic substrate and thin film encapsulation technology, allowing the minimum bending radius of less than 1cm. The panel is only 0.2 mm thick, creating more possibilities for future wearable device applications. In their presentateion and conference papers AUO will explain their success with the 65 inch Full AMOLED-Tv display made by inkjet printing technology. AUO says that Inkjet printing is the trend for the future development of OLED-teleevision technology, as its advantages include lower production costs, higher yield rates and production efficiency. Another presentation is Display & Beyond Display from Dr. Michael Sun Vice President of AUOs Mobile Solution Business group Full range of elite innovative products and technologies for high-end medical, fingerprint sensing and wearable devices! AUO debuts 8-inch ultra high resolution WQXGA panel for tablets adopting amorphous silicon TFT process to achieve a resolution of 377ppi

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AUO showcase world first in cell Touch AMOLED – 1.6 inch OLED for Wearable Devices at SID-2014